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How to Shave your Neck Properly to avoid Razor Burn

If you ask any man about their shaving regime, they’ll undoubtedly tell you that one of their problem areas is the neck. It’s undoubtedly one of the hardest areas to shave when it comes to grooming. This is mainly because it’s so sensitive that you really need to take care of it to ensure that you’re getting a good quality shave that won’t be irritated.

To shave your neck properly without getting razor burn, you’ll need to take extra care to ensure that you don’t give it any reason to be irritated. Unfortunately, razor burn and shaving generally come hand in hand so it can be difficult to avoid – though if you know how to shave properly, then eventually you’ll learn how your facial hair grows and you can avoid irritation completely.

Here are the steps that you should take to shave your neck properly without experiencing any razor burn.

Getting rid of Razor Burn?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much care you take, you’re going to experience a little razor burn. Even if you take every precaution known to man, some people are just exposed to experiencing razor burn. Unfortunately, there isn’t a great deal that we can do about it – except deal with it afterwards swiftly to help soothe the skin back to normality.

If you’re dealing with razor burn, then I always have one thing ready to deal with it in my back pocket – a solid aftercare balm that can help to reduce irritation. Aftershave balms work extremely well with razor burn because they’re an astringent – which basically means that they can help reduce your skin irritation dramatically. You can also consider using an aftershave balm if you’ve cut yourself whilst shaving, as they’re awesome for dealing with cuts.

Most aftershave balms contain things like aloe vera, which is awesome for soothing the skin, as well as things like witch hazel, which act as an antiseptic.

6 Awesome Tips to Avoid Neck Razor Burn

If you experience razor burn often, then there might be something you’ll be consistently doing wrong. You can help to avoid this by taking some precautionary measures which will ensure that you don’t experience any form of razor burn on your neck.

Decrease your razor blade reuse

Paying out for tons of razorblades can be a chore. Trust me, there’s no one that hates paying out for razorblades more than me – I made this whole website about how to save money on them!

But the reality is that if you’re using a razor blade again and again, it’s going to get duller and duller. And when it’s really duller, it won’t be sharp enough – this can ultimately result in razor burn. If you’re using a blade more than 4 times, then try a whole week of using a fresh razor blade and see if the issue persists. If it doesn’t, then you know that a dull blade could be causing the issue.

Solution – Buy more razor blades!

Shave post shower

For me, I like to always shave either post shower, or most of the time I’ll actually shave whilst I’m showering (it pays to get yourself a good shower mirror for this reason).

Doing this allows me the opportunity to clean my skin prior to the shave. This helps to get rid of any of the dirt and oils that my skin has picked up throughout the day, giving me an easier shave. If you shave with dirty skin, then this can increase the likelihood that you’re going to experience razor burn.

Solution – Give yourself enough time in the mornings or evenings to shave after your shower.

Make sure your razor is dry

A wet razor is a breeding ground for bacteria. You should change your razor regularly, but you should also consider where you’re keeping your razor.

Bacteria likes to grow in wet areas. That means that if you’re keeping your razor in the shower and it’s still wet, then there’s a greater chance of bacteria forming and ultimately, this can have an effect on your shave.

Solution – Ensure that your razor blade is dry after you’ve finished using it.

Shave with the grain

It can be difficult to give tips on shaving with the grain, as everyones hair seems to grow differently. This is especially true for the neck, with some people having their hair grow in an unusual pattern. You need to figure out which way that your neck hair is growing so that you can follow the grain.

Shaving against the grain will get a closer shave, but it can definitely increase your risk of irritation and razor bumps. It also makes it far more likely that you’re going to experience ingrown hairs, which nobody want.

Solution – Run your hand across your neck and work out which way you neck hair grows. Then, shave with it!

Go a little slower

Another common cause of razor burn is if you’re trying to shave too fast. Doing this can definitely increase your risk of irritation, so it can pay to slow things down a little.

Making shaving part of your routine is essential to avoid irritation. If you can, make yourself a weekly rota of the best times that are available to you to shave. Slowing down your shaving routine and avoiding rushing is another sure fire way to help avoid the dreaded razor bumps.

Solution – Take your time with the razor is recommended. If you’re trying to use do the job in a minute, then you can’t complain if you end up with irritated skin.

Get a better razor

If you’re using a cheapo razor, then this can also be the reason that you’re going to end up dealing with irritated skin. And even if it’s not a cheap razor, it can still irritate your skin – sometimes, a certain type of blade just isn’t for you. It might be the way that it’s angled, or that it’s only a 2 blade as opposed to a 6 blade.

Either way, you should try out a bunch of different razor blades to try and find out which one works best for your needs.


Overall, this is my method for shaving my neck to avoid irritation. If you try this and it doesn’t work for you, the likelihood is that you’re shaving against the way that your neck hair grows. Everyones hair grows differently, so a swift shave for someone can be a bad shave for someone else. But if you follow the rest of this guide, then you’ll be sure to give yourself the best chance for a quality neck shave.

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