Biz Razors Trial Deal: What’s Included The Set included a Handle, Razor and a pretty sizeable bottle of shave gel specifically designed for sensitive skin. The Manual The Handle The Bic bla bla bla Bic Shaving Gel Bic Shaving Gel

Dorco Razor Review – Pace 6 Blade Razor!

After using the Dollar Shave Club razors for a good while, I was shocked when I found out that they used Dorco as their supplier. I probably shouldn’t have been so surprised, as apparently everyone and their dog¬†knew that DSC used Dorco as their supplier. So after trying out the Dollar Shave Club and liking … Read more

Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor

Likely the two most popular types of razor to use for shaving are the safety razor and the cartridge razor. Although not many people know the difference between the two, they both work very differently against your skin. Whilst there are benefits of both, it’s important that you know which one is better for your … Read more